World of Warcraft: Ultimate Movie Edition bundle

Warcraft MovieWarcraft is an online-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game (shortly known as MMORPG) created by Blizzard. Out of five cores, the fourth one has been considered as the most sell-able due to its newly installed program that allows player to interact with other real-time players online.

Based on the statistics starting from year 2005, the game reached its peak of popularity in the second half of 2010, reaching an estimation of 12 million subscribers.

Just like other games, Warcraft has also reached its declining phase, probably causing a panic to the team behind the game. Assuming they don’t want to eradicate this franchise’s existence, Blizzard thought of resorting to other media platforms that can boost the game’s name back to its limelight.

They took the risk of creating a movie out of the game in the hope of hitting the sales big time, just like how they were able to insert the game into the top spot. Guess we will just have to wait and see whether the risk is all worth it or not.

Rumor has it that Blizzard is giving away game bundles to those who will be purchasing movie tickets for their upcoming Warcraft movie. This could be their way of saying “thank you” to their fans or possibly a scheme to increase the sales of their beloved game, given that they lost an intensely huge sum of subscribers over the years.

The bundle includes all expansion packs, except World of Warcraft: Legion, one full month of free playing, and an exclusive in-game item. This is fairly a good deal for possible newbies and loyal fans, as buying a single pack costs much than having all expansions at once.

Truth be told, Blizzard doesn’t have to merely focus on this franchise since they have also made such huge amount of money from their other masterpieces like Starcraft and Call of Duty.

However, if Blizzard decides to continue with the bundle and given the movie becomes the next “Star Wars” or “Star Trek”, all their efforts in making the movie and giving incentives won’t be put to waste.

With proper management and advertisement, Warcraft might actually re-appear on the list as one of the most famous names of all time. Well, let us really hope that while the movie becomes a big hit, they will also focus in adding more challenging features to the game.


Power Leveling

Many of you may have heard or known the in-game term “power leveling” before, but maybe you are not so sure about all its functionalities like how it does, what it is like or what benefits it can give to you. For many newbies or new players, enormously vast world of Azeroth in World of Warcraft can be looking frightening and dangerous to them once embarking on their journey into the torn-war world.

One noticeable example of “power leveling” in WoW is to have a high level of player who is your friend to help you pass through the first learning stages by leading you to overcome many grad quests that are surely hard to complete and guide you through burdensome dungeons in the game.

All of these help can really kindly help you to greatly improve the rate in which you gain levels as you are playing the game. While power leveling is very fun to do for all the new players, but sometimes it can make things very boring for the high level players in WoW.

Doing “Power Leveling” is definitely a very time-consuming processes and it takes a lot of your energy. Other than the high level players rarely gains no any benefits from doing this tedious process, other than giving their helping hands to their friends.

It is unfortunate that it seems not everyone has the energy and time enough to level their playere characters up, and many of them can lose interest or patience before coming to the game ending, thus making them unable to see the truly great finale content waiting for them.

However, leveling up is a very important step in all MMO games like WoW to help a player like you accomplish your ultimate goal in playing World of Warcraft – climbing up to level 70 – the maximum level in WoW.


World of Warcraft provides all its players with a wide variety of amazing mounts for the different races of the war-torn world of Azeroth. Simply speaking, each WoW race has their own unique mounts as a great mean to help them travel to diffrent places with ease. Undead, for example, usually ride Skeletal Warhorse horses, and Dwarf of Ironforge tend to rely on their loyal swift ram mounts.

In WoW, Mounts are a sought after mode of transportation in which players can ride atop the backs of their selected creatures of Azeroth and Outland. They have several forms. The Burning Crusade also introduces new mounts with the ability to fly.

Mounts are very popular among WoW players in the sense that they can own mounts which are a special species of permanent pet. Another intriguing point for those who wish to have mounts in their possession is that riding experts will be able to use mounts thta are not generally available to their specific race by using the riding talent, and with extensive training.

Of course mounts are not mere status symbols of each race on the world of Arzeroth in the game, but they can be more than that in many stunning ways. Mounts are generally being used for carrying players from one place to another and it enables them to travel over lands considerably faster than on foot.

Once player are mounted, they will be able to fully control over their mounts. Nevertheless, players cannot attack monsters or opponents while mounted, and monsters are unable to assault the mounts too.

However, once players are mounted, all damage and attacks will be directly aimed at the player instead and not at their mounts. In case players are dead, while riding on the mounts, the mounts will unsummon will “unsummon” and will be available for “resummoning” as soon as the players enter the state of the living again.

Each WoW race has their own mounts and other races can ride these mounts providing they must have the appropriate faction and physical capacities.

Here is the full list of all mounts that each WoW race (both the Alliance and Horde) use and own for traveling. Alliance (Night elves : Saber, Humans : Horse, Dwarves : Ram, Gnomes : Mechanostrider, Draenei : Elekk in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade) and Horde (Tauren : Kodo, Orcs : Wolf, Trolls : Raptor, Undead : Skeletal Horse and Blood elves : Hawkstrider in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade).

Also, World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusad expansion offers two new Flying Mounts to all players of the Alliance and Horde factions. The Alliance has Gryphon, while the Horde also has Wyvern as their Flying Mounts to take all its faction members to various places.


Epic is another very important part appearing in the best-known game called World of Warcraft which has continually been setting the pace of the fast-changing gaming world in terms of both popularity and fame. The level of each item quality above Rare, but below Legendary is called Epic.

Any items of Epic quality can be easily found and available to all WoW players in end-game instances, ranging from various primary and secondary professions, world drops, to reputation purchases. Epic quality items is quite different than Legendary quality ones in that they are bountiful in the game, while the latter seems to be very hard to find for most players of every race. Most of them never get one and merely even run into them occasionally.

Many epics can be of great use for WoW players in several other ways. They generally are part of the Armor Sets, which are compatible with various sets of class-specific armor that provide both excellent bonuses and great protection in battle. Furthermore, there are even many non-raid items, also commonly known as Epics for Casuals, that are available to all WoW players as well.

Also there are quite a few of important remarks about Epic found in the game. The names of Epic quality items always have purple in color. Equippable items of Epic quality invariably have one or more attribute bonuses or procs. Equippable items at the level of Epic quality and above can be disenchanted by player characters by using the Enchanting profession which produces one or more Nexus Crystals.

Very few ingredient items have Epic quality. Mounts can also be Epic of WoW players. And finally, epic class items that are dropped randomly out in the world of Azeroth, such as the Bow of Searing Arrows and others are much far and few between.


Macro is regarded as a special trick to automate your game play and make your gaming experience more exciting as much as possible. World of Warcraft macros can be used to make some processes working in an automatic ways. Its working process is quite simple.

It depends on a script system that is not hard to understand at all. The primary objective of applying a Macro to the game playing is to enable you to create some very basic actions or tasks, based on the actions that are existing in the games. A macro is only a set of slash command keys, which are used in order when executing the macro.

For example, if you want to create a new macro, you can select to type /macro, or click on the speech bubble next to the chat box and then choose macro. After that you can name a macro, an icon and a type in lines of slash commands. The macro appears in the shape of an action that you are able to drag onto your hotbar.

If you want to activate the macro, you can just click on the resulting button on the hotbar. Even if it is generally useful, Macros’ severe restrictions are the fact that they are only designed for some very simple tasks and it is hard to use a WoW Macro to cast more than one spell at a time.


A guild is a technical term in all strategy-based games. In World of Warcraft. a guild is a group of game players that play a game together and have something to work together to attain their goals or targeting while playing game. One thing that players in a guild have in common is they work together as a group to complete some very hard quests or raids that cannot be done alone.

Besides doing the quests and performing raids, players (several) can build a guild to chat together during their game play. In WoW, you can decide to be or not to be a member of a guild, but if you have a good one, it will surely make your game experience much more exciting and fun.

The guild’s interface in World of Warcraft has a working system a lot similar to a friends one in an Instant Messenger because it also has a special feature that is a private chat channel available only for the guilds members. Different ranks and titles on the members in the guilds can be only set by the guilds leaders who have the privilege to promote the members who can do well for the their guild.


WoW Exploits have a very special role in this most played online strategic game in the world. Currently it can be easily accepted that World of Warcraft is arguably one of the most exploited games ever created due to its ever growing worldwide popularity. Its millions of players use Exploits on a very frequent basis. Exploits in WOW acts as a dirty guide to tell you something considered malicious for decoding WOW that can be exploited.

Generally WOW Exploits are pretty much the same as cheats in many ways, but they are still quite different from bots which are special programs which help make things working automatically for you during game play experience. There are also a few main samples of WOW Exploits that have been used widely in World of Warcraft since its initial release to the public several years ago. A dupe that was done using instances is one of the very first important exploits in WOW. This exploits enabled millions of gold which is extremely hard to find to be duped somehow within a week. Since gold was completely moved out of the WOW economy system driven and created by its players from around the world, the Blizzard Entertainment (both producers and owners of the game) was forced to try and find the people that managed to duped gold, banning them, but a large quantity of all gold made remained left in the game economy damaging it all the time.

There is also another hugely significant exploits used in WOW which is the tricky ability to solo raiding bosses by using instant casts. Through these instant cast exploits,WOW players were able to begin a 40 main raid against the bosses by themselves. They could cast a spell repeatedly instantly and they finally easily slain even the foulest raid bosses in the dungeons which made some players using these exploits able to go far beyond others in the game. Despite these recurring problems, the exploits is something that players will always encounter with and WOW also has the greatest risk for facing being exploits with the game having over 7 millions players worldwide. However, WOW is not like other MMORPGS in that in case found to be using exploits while playing over level 20, your account will be banned permanently by Blizzard just for using it once. If you do not want to get banned, it would be wiser and safer to use only hints and tips or secrets for your account.


Bots are very common and frequently found in many MMORPGS on the market. Like all the bots widely used in other games, WOW bots are very popular and abundant in quantity.

For World of Warcraft game players, there is nothing more they detest than a new gamer or newbie who uses such tricky and dirty things as cheats and cheat codes to advance in levels very quickly through the game. Another one is these constant sources of extreme annoyance and something which has been banned from the World of Warcraft game website is a player who makes use of a World of Warcraft bot.

In the world’s most played MMO, it is not surprising that bots are being used inappropriately. For those who may not know about it, game bots are an automated software or service that will serve to emulate all human behaviors. By using World of Warcraft bots, gamers will be able to advance through the levels much more quickly rather than being struck in the more boring parts of the game for too long. Because of this, new players taking advantage of World of Warcraft bots will be able to go up in levels much faster, meaning they will be able to reach level 70 faster.

This kind of cheating is not approved by Blizzard Entertainment at all costs. Actually, on November 15, 2006, more than ten thousand gamers were permanently banned by Blizzard from playing World of Warcraft for abusing World of Warcraft bots to take them level up and grind unusually much faster.


Like a spectrum of other strategy-based games, the world of warcraft game has been clearly dependent on spells in making the game itself look considerably more pulsating both in adventuring and fighting as much as possible. Spells are extremely useful when fighting enemies and the decision to use spells properly is a must.

The right WoW spells can make all the difference and put you on the leading edge. It is safe to say that each player has the ability to use WoW spells that they can learn, but some of them are far more destructive than others, but there are many races that especially specialize in spell casting to put the attack on their opponents like Mages, Priests, Paladin, Druids and Shaman who all are capable of handling adversaries very well with their own unique style of spell casting. WoW Spells can generally fall into 2 categories comprising of offense and defensive ones.

Offensive spells are used to attack the opponent in many different ways depending on the situation, while there are a large quantity of defensive spells available for WoW players. Defensive spells are the ones that help prevent you and your friends from taking serious damage or harm during battle.

There are also many defensive spells in the game, but the primary ones include healing priest players can cast on others to help them recover from sustaining grave wounds or injuries. A player with a healing spell benefits lots of things to a group like they an either bring back life that was deprived or have the supernatural ability to actually resurrect a perished comrade.


In World of Warcraft, players are always free to choose and learn a limited set of trade skills (or sometimes called “professions”) that will help them in many possible ways. Learning skills are very useful and practical in that players can go out to adventure in the world of Azeroth, make a large sum of money and gold and create weapons, invention or even other high quality stuff of their own that will earn them lots of profits if done well.

In general, trade skills can be categorized into one of two classes as follows: The first one is WOW Primary Trade Skills in which world every character is restricted to learning only two primary trade skills and the second one is WOW Secondary Trade Skills in which players can also be entitled to pay a nominal fee for learning secondary trade skills besides Primary Trade Skills that requires them to pay much more money to learn.

As said above, trade skills are considered extremely useful because they are an effective mean to help players benefit greatly by selling their products to the stores or trading with other players in exchange for money.