As one of many important Primary Production professions in the World of Warcraft, Alchemy is very popular and useful to every character class in the game. Players can take a full advantage of this great occupation as much as they want to enable them to transform their raw materials like herb, reagents and other plants into elixirs, flasks, potions and oils which can bring them a wealth of money in a very dynamic player-driven economy system.

Many of these mixtures can increase the capabilities of any players character while others have the ability to recharge their health, energy and mana during battle. Certain ingredients are items needed to complete some quests as well. Some of them act as reagents desirable by people of other professions. So this is an excellent chance for an Alchemist to get lots of money by way of their ability for Alchemy. Due to the fact Alchemy falls into the category of a Primary Profession so you are restricted to only two primary professions. The best choice for a profession to pair with Alchemy is Herbalism simply because of the ever-high need for herbs and plant-based materials.

Learning Herbalism will help you gain an obvious advantage of hunting and collecting your own plants deep in the wilderness. The Alchemy profession can be a great profession in several possible ways because it not only greatly helps you and your friends, but also gives the full benefits to your overall economy since some potions are always in high demand among a vast majority of WoW players. The most important thing for this profession is that it will be definitely a great way to earn some extra gold.


Blacksmithing is the skill or proficiency of forging bars of metal and other reagents from miners and working them into nicely-crafted weapons and armor which are primarily used in fighting. Due to this, the Blacksmith profession very suit the warrior and Paladin classes that can initially wear mail armor they stand to profit many from having the capability to forge their own weapons and armor.

Blacksmithing is of great use in a systematic World of Warcraft economy system, for instance, people who practice this profession called Blacksmiths have the ability to create a wide diversity of much-needed items for other professions like the Enchanter’s Rod for the occupation of enchanting. By using special sharpening stones, they also can hugely upgrade the weapons of every character class in order to cause much more of their massive destructive damage. Blacksmithing might not be a hugely profitable World of Warcraft profession compared to any other profession. This is just because of the fact the finished products are frequently sold for considerably less than the cost of their primary raw materials.

However, Blacksmithing is a skill that remains so useful and much-needed for a player to learn because there are so many unique items that can only be forged by Blacksmiths in WoW. Like the Alchemy professsion, Blacksmithing is rated as a Primary Service Profession so it counts toward your restriction of two Primary professions. The most obvious selection of Profession to best couple with Blacksmithing is mining owing to the ever-growing demand for ore and gems.


Like the Leather working profession, Tailoring is one of the most simple and useful Secondary professions in the World of War craft game. Even its simplicity in itself, this simple but effective profession is considered “great” in that it is concentrated upon the excellent skills to produce a host of great products from a source of cloth materials. The Tailor profession really enables players to cut and weave a wide diversity of pieces of cloth into a great deal of superb products such as Armor, bags, gloves, shirts and other cloth items.

Furthermore, the most important and practical thing Tailors can do for most classes is the fact that they have the ability to create cloth items for WoW classes which wear cloth including Priests, Mages and Warlocks. Their unrivaled ability to create bags for the entire guild means Tailors have a particularly vital role in guild. They also have special and unique abilities in producing specialty bags like Herbalism bags that will improve the potential of gathering for the guild.

As the highest levels, they also are able to learn powerful hard-to-find recipes which make them able to produce very powerful gear that is extremely useful when it is comes to raiding. Additionally, shirts or dress-up items can be can be created by Tailors for other people in the game as well. Any special equipment is really not required by Blacksmith to produce their own items, like blacksmiths who need anvils. In other words, Tailors can create their own items wherever they wish if they can find the suitable ingredients needed to produce them.


Cooking in the World of Warcraft game is very special in its unique way despite the fact that it is only a Secondary Profession or Skill like fishing and first aid. Of course cooking constitutes food and food has a wide variety of practical uses, for example, it can be used as a fantastic remedy in the game to heal other WoW players suffering injuries or wounds out of combats so that they can jump back to continue fighting as quickly as possible and it can also be sold to merchants or vendors who need them for money as well. While you are adventuring around the vast World of Azeroth, it is somewhat easy to notice that you frequently receive pieces of meat, which also could be used to create food too.

Also food will become very important to you in case you are playing as a player character that depends heavily on food, like a non-healing player character or a player character that solos in the game. A large amount of food from Beer-Basted Boar Ribs to Giant Clam Scorcho, can be found pretty easily along the way in the World of Azeroth. You can gain the food through cooking for almost without paying money, but you also can purchase it from merchants. In most cases, cooking is recognized as a great “flavor” Secondary Skill in that you can create the funny and delicious dishes such as Giant Clam Scorcho, Gooey Spider Cake, Curiously Tasty Omelet and many more to entertain, please, or even quench the appetite of other playeres charactes. You can try to be one of the chefs of Azeroth who practice many types of recipes and train the cooking skill that might help you become an expert cook.

The best way to fully benefit from this minor but useful profession is that you can make your own food using different types of meat dropped by killed beasts and if you own the right recipe, you can surely make various kinds of yummy food out of it which is much desired by most players in the game. Cooking does not require you to have a gathering skill to be a cook but the fishing skill is a suitable supplement to the cooking skill. This is because it can provide you with several different kinds of fish that you can cook or make great food and dishes out of it.


Enchanting is one of most useful and popular professions for a legion of highly addicted and dedicated players of World of Warcraft. Enchanting is another Primary Service Profession in WoW. This means it counts towards your limit of two Primary that professions you can have in the game.

This highly complicated profession is great indeed since it really provide you with the ability to enchant your own weapons and Armor, thereby enabling you to fully improve them on a permanent basis. Enchanters always reply upon their magical mixtures to better give permanent reinforcement to Armor, shields, swords, weapons, and other equipment in order to make them exponentially more effectively destructive. Enchanting needs the proper use of special ingredients that can only be put together by disenchanting various kinds of magical items. They can render items significantly more powerful than ever by using these ingredients.

Enchanting also can perform the other great utility to cause weapon much more lethal. They can be utilized to create oils that are capable of being applied to weapons in order to fill it with temporary enhancements that can be mixed together with permanent enchantments to cause a much greater effect. Being a higher-level profession make enchanting to requires its players (enchanters) to do more work than most WoW vocations. However, the enchanters do not create items directly from the skills, but makes their existing items more effective and efficient instead. Five levels of enchanting in WoW are: Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert, Artisan, and Master.


The most advanced and exciting technological profession in World of Warcraft is engineering, another Primary Production Profession. The engineering profession is absolutely fantastic and really worthy of choosing if you want to have your WoW character to proudly stand above anyone else with your much superior equipment. This is a really good choice to make particularly when reaching the later levels of playing the World of Warcraft game.

In engineering, players have as much freedom as they desire to create engineering inventions in a fun and creative way. They can create every type of very cool things that are handy, useful or even surprise other players as well. Besides its obvious advantage in liberally creating wacky and stunning stuff, this fabulous profession will surely help you earn tons of gold much more easily. Initially, it could be a bit more expensive than most players bargained for, but later it can actually be highly beneficial to them for a very good reason.

This is because engineering can be more immeasurably lucrative than the cost invested. To many WoW fanatics, the ability to effortlessly acquire the extremely useful equipment Engineers painstakingly create is absolutely priceless. Best supplementary to engineering is mining which is a necessary primary profession. So feel free to choose engineering as your Primary Production Profession in case you don’t wish to be selling out your precious and hard-earned gold in exchange of all the ore that is needed for this engineering profession.


Due to the fact that Leather working is a Primary Trade Profession in World of War craft, you must be 100 % sure when making a selection of this profession that it is an occupation that you want to practice and learn the most. As a Primary Trade Profession, this is just because Leather working counts toward your restriction of Two Primary professions in the game.

Another most important thing for all players to keep in their mind is that if you decide to choose Leather working as your Primary Trade Profession in the World of War craft, it is deemed necessary to have the skinning skill as your second Primary Profession to be supplementary to this profession because skinning and Leather working always go along very well exactly like Alchemy and Herbalism or Jewel crafting and mining.

Of course you also can unlearn a profession whenever you want to at any time but that also means if you ever want to learn it again, then you will have to restart completely from the beginning because all the skill points that you received while utilizing that profession will be lost. Hunters and Shamans are the character classes in the World of Warcraft who likely get the most benefits from this Leather working profession. However, it also partly benefits Druids and Rogues during their early levels as they are not able to use the mail Armors that are created at the higher Leather working skill levels.


Jewelcrafting is a new profession first introduced in the World of Warcraft (Burning Crusade expansion). This latest great profession allows all players to craft many practical and useful things in the WOW game such as rings, trinkets, necklaces and special jewels that can be utilized in various kinds of specific items, which are commonly called Socketed items, With the newest Jewel crafting profession in the BC expansion, all WoW players will be able to skillfully craft a host of beautiful and important tools and devices that were only formerly available in the forms of loot rewards and dropped items like necklaces, trinkets, crowns, and rings.

People who practice Jewel crating, Jewel crafters are also able to use the metals and gems they received by prospecting ore for creating amulets, rings, trinkets and many more cool stuff. When you become an expert Jewel crafter, you will get a perfect opportunity to learn how to cut socket able gems. This thing will help you increase particular attributes of new types of armor when fitted into their slots.

Every single class character can get a very good chance to receive the full benefits from the profession of Jewel crafting due to the fact that the tools and devices created through this profession can be jointly utilized by anyone in the game. There is jewelry for every possible demand. There also are trinkets providing mana regeneration, necklaces giving high attack power, rings with the increased ability of defence and Armor and so on. The most evident benefit of the Jewel crafting profession in WoW is that this profession is not focused on any single role or character class.


As another hugely popular gathering skill, Herbalism is, without a question, one of the most profitable professions of all the World of Warcraft professions. It can enable you to earn a great wealth of profits and money in a few hours quite effortlessly.

If you want to get the best out of this in-demand profession, you have to choose your character’s race as undead, but tauren and human are also welcome, mining is most likely to be a perfect supplementary profession to partner with the herbalism profession for getting large sums of gold within a very short time. If your ultimate goal is not about large sums of gold, then the Alchemy profession is definitely the more suitable match for Herbalism.

Herbalism is a virtually necessary requirement for Alchemy. As you all probably know, Herbs can be very easily found all over the world. so it is a very good idea to learn this skill and take a full advantage of it. Alchemy is a major and superb skill that enables you to generate all sorts of instant potions to enhance your own character’s effectiveness. Herbs can also be found via a special tracking skill called as “Find Herbs”. When you get near a herb, the herb will be shown as a yellow dot on your mini map, thus making it much easier to find herbs. Herbalism can also be used to make a lot of money in the game.


Like first aids, Fishing is a secondary gathering profession (lesser skill) that is quite a lot different than all the other ones. This profession is very unique in its own way because you are not required to take a risk going to many perilous places or collecting hard-earned reagents, but instead this trade profession is suitable for a player who wish for relaxation and enjoyment while practicing the fishing profession.

It is also a profession you can learn to master pretty easily besides your two primary professions in World of Warcraft. It is also a special skill that has its own unique place in WoW. Fishing allows players to better sharpen their hunting skills and gives them the ability to fish out in the sea and other living things from the waters of the World of Warcraft universe. Some of the raw items can be eaten without cooking, while other items must be cooked for the purpose of increasing their effects. It is very useful for the hunter class as well because they can feed their combat pets with these foods.

By simply fishing, it is also possible to find reagents that are useful and suitable for Alchemy. and treasure chests. All in all, fishing is a very easy and fun profession to learn or practice on your own. The patience is the only thing you need to fish for around 48 hours time in order to successfully master this useful skill. You might be curious to know what the point in mastering this profession is. As soon as your skill level is more than 400, you will be able to fish the waters of Azshara for the Essence of Water. You can earn Gold for 5-8g each for this item. If you are patient long enough, mastering fishing can pay off hugely after a very lengthy period of time.