In World of Warcraft, the user Interface (or abbreviated as UI) is a very special feature or even a cool tool that allow all its users  to tweak and customize the User Interface as they wish.

Within UI, users can also see many useful and important things in front of them, while playing the World of Warcraft game such as their own character portrait, pet portrait, party member portrait, spell and ability icons, talent icons, minimap, chat log, combat log, action bar, pet action bar, interface panel and so many more. All of these can be easily modified or adjusted to better suit the users’ own specific needs as much as possible.

Furthermore, Mods and Add-ons are also very popular to be used to add a set of extra and new functionality to the already existing user interface to better fit in their style of playing the World of Warcraft game.


Servers or server clusters (better known as realms) in World of Warcraft are used to enable their game players make a good choice of their preferable personal gameplay type and concurrently also allow the game itself to give the full support to as many players as possible.

Generally, there is a clear limit on a number of characters that players can have within realm. Players always can have as many as ten characters per realm. Currently there are four kinds of realms of North American and Oceanic zones for players to choose from as follows: The first realm is Normal (also called as PvE or player versus environment), the second one is PvP (player versus player), the third one is RP (a roleplaying Normal/PvE server) and the final one is RP-PvP (roleplaying PvP server).

Furthermore, all realms also show players other valuable information and details on their status, realm name, type and density of population. Some striking examples of very popular and well-known realm names commonly used in World of Warcraft include Aman’Thul, Draenor, Feathermoon, Lighytbringer, Moonrunner and etc.


Since its initial launch in North America, Australia and New Zealand respectively in November 2004, World of Warcraft has always proved to be the number-one massively multiplayer online role playing game on the market. The game has steadily gained their ever growing popularity and renown around the world.

The game’s popularity continues its expansion beyond all the expectations in 2005, before having subsequent launches in many countries worldwide. The WoW popularity is abundant in Europe which is widely considered to be the continent having a huge WoW customer base, in addition to North America. Amazingly the World of Warcraft’s European customer base is currently at over 1 million players already, while the worldwide total presently is at more than 6 million players.

Additionally, in Europe, World of Warcraft is run by a highly devoted local team of over 450 Blizzard employees coming from up to 22 different nationalities. There is also a release of the Spanish version of the World of Warcraft game and it will represent the fourth language available to all the European players following the existing English, German and French versions which have been came out to the public previously.


Like music, videos always play a central role in World of Warcraft because it can serve to entertain all the WoW players visually, but it is very different from music that entertain them in an audio style. Videos can hugely enhance your game play experiences much more pleasurable and thrilling with a long sequence of vividly clear graphics and animations.

There are many huge collection of extremely beautiful and impressive videos for players and video lovers alike to view for their purpose of pleasure and enjoyment so you can select to watch whatever videos you want to. However, for some of the best fans of the World of Warcraft videos, creating their own special WoW videos is much more funny and exciting than just viewing other people’s ones.

They get inspired to start creating their own videos by finding some software to record themselves playing World of Warcraft called video capture software before going to Google video or youtube and then uploading your masterpiece for people to watch.


In World of Warcraft, patches are generally new content and bug fixes which are required for the game to run for playing. To be able to run the game properly, you must install the patches before you can play. You can usually just patch the game up when you operate it, but some players have various problems and need to manually download the patches from different websites.

The patches are normally the updating process used by players to update the versions of the World of Warcraft game in order to keep the game up to date all the time as much as possible. Patches also have a very unique part in online computer games. Nowadays, online computer games require their players to have patches to fix compatibility problems after their first release.

The primary objectives of patches are to change game rules or algorithm and update the information and details of the game. Any players who are not using the same patch version in multiplayer game might be rejected by the game to avoid conflicts between versions. This also urges many users to update their versions more frequently.


One of the extremely cool and remarkable features to much better enhance your World of Warcraft game play lies in its music. Besides feeling the excitement of playing the game, players can listen to the World of Warcraft Soundtrack featuring a huge collection of melodious music from Blizzard’s best-selling MMORPG game, consisting of Intro Cues, World and City Themes, and Ambient Music.

Music has come to add the undeniable charm to the game itself, thus making many veteran and casual players’ WoW experiences much more exciting and worthwhile than imaginable.

Many players and song lovers alike will surely enjoy listening to such pieces of great music as “Seasons of War” from the intro movie, the spirited themes for Stormwind and Orgrimmar, the eerie music of Stranglethorn Vale and Duskwood, and there are still many more exceptionally good songs to listen to free your soul.


Unlike most MMORPGs on the market, World of Warcraft is extremely special and unique in that it is a strategy-based online role-playing game that has been consistently improved and upgraded to fully satisfy all the ever-growing demands of the games’ fans who wish to try and play all the new aspects all the time. And this Burning Crusade Expansion is not exception too !

The BC is the very first expansion for the World’s best-selling MMORPG World of Warcraft at the moment, while this awesome expansion also gives players a new dimension by offering a very exciting list of new and interesting features, for example, level cap increased from 70 to 80, new race characters (Dranei for the Alliance and Blood Elf for the Horde), a new continent, Iceland, with three exciting new outdoor zones, hundreds of new quests. new teleporting mounts, new tradeskill, woodcrafting, many great new loot and quest reward items and many great features you can find in this expansion.

With all these exciting new features and highly improved contents, the BC expansions make the World of Warcraft game even more entertaining than before and it is really worth the expansions.


Just like any other review, the World of Warcraft review is an in-depth evaluation and analysis of the game itself particularly made by real experts or insiders who really specialize in this genre of game after their long period of time playing and making very familiar with the World of Warcraft. Sometimes they also give their board ideas of how the WoW game really works from their own game play experiences.

In addition to a critical writing of their own, the game review’s authors or writers may kindly give the work a rating (for example, one to five stars normally meaning from poor to excellent) to show its’ relative value. In the review, they will make their own honest and straightforward opinions, telling readers about a wealth of very useful and intimate information and describing all the details about the game.

A majority of authors often tell their zealus readers about what they like or dislike and how they personally feel about the game in order to provide their personal thoughts as best as they can. In World of Warcraft, there are so many parts worth reviewing and getting a rating such as background, production, graphic, design, scenes, contents, character development and many more.


The best part for your best decision to make on whether or not to become a full-time subscriber for the World of Warcraft game is its free trial. Because of the fact that World of Warcraft requires its players to pay for a monthly fee, a vast majority of people will definitely want to test the game to see how it is actually before paying or subscribing to it.

Therefore, World of Warcraft will offer people a free trial in which they can try to play the game for a short period of time. The WoW trial period will generally last for 10 days or more to make it long enough for people someone to experiment with the game and decide by themselves if it is really worth paying for it each month or not.

The trial also not has any limits (with the sole exception of  the time restriction) and it is exactly like playing the full version of the game. After being satisfied with the overall game in most aspects, they finally will decide for the subscription to it.


Just like any other Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs), one of the coolest and most intriguing features of the World of War craft game is a huge selection of its delicately done screen shots which can really entertain all the viewers and players alike, with its vivid graphical beauty and creativeness. Without doubt, the screen shots play a major role in attracting the attention of the WoW fanatics to the game itself.

The arrival of The Burning Crusade expansion helps a lot make the World of the Warcraft’s screenshots even more breathtaking and fun to watch over and over again. In this section, you get a great opportunity to closely examine how the game actually feels or looks like as it provides you with a huge collection of animation-based images from the game so a string of great screen shots nicely taken from all the different angles come to your open vision.

To enhance your gaming enjoyment, there are plenty of such extremely impressive screenshots available as characters, places, lands, people, cities, monsters, animals, minions, beasts, forests, deserts, snow-capped mountains, exotic lands, quests, items, adventures, fighting and many many more. The world of Azeroth can also be seen from a newer, more in-depth  perspective, thus making your game play experience more exciting greatly.