Mages excel at using all kinds of lethal spells against enemies and they are a spellcasting veteran who specialize in dealing a lot of damage to all their selected targets. Damage dealing is considered to be their key mission in a party lower levels, while the spell specialists also possess the crowd control of mobs which can turn their enemies into harmless and tamed animals such as sheep on a temporary basis by using polymorph, thus preventing the target from partaking in combat for a period of time.

At higher levels, mages commence to play more multiple primary roles when there are an array of spells involved in many battling encounters and situations like Counter spell, Detect Magic and Remove Curse. Mages have a very special role as a helpful conjurer too as they can instantly conjure food and drinks to help members in a party recover much faster from injury or wound during combat.

Due to their truly fantastic spell abilities, they are also able to teleport themselves to major cities at their own will as well as open portals for their party members to enter into. As a mana-oriented class, Mages are the same as the hunter as a kiting class in that they can deal countless ranged damage, while effectively using dodge skills to escape taking damage during fighting. Like the priests class, cloth armor is the only thing Mages can wear in combat.


Home to all kinds of breasts and animals is The World of Azeroth. Every species of creatures can be found here. Some of them are friendly, hostile and fierce. However, one thing they all have in common is all the creatures possess a special linking with the vicious hunter. Hunters have the ability to hunt, catch, track, tame, and slay all animals and beasts they can find in the wilderness. Whether using knifes, daggers, bows or firearms, all hunters regard their weapons and combat pets as their only true friends during their exciting adventures into the world.

A belief is very strong that no any class in WoW can be as good as the hunter when using ranged weapons. Hunters the only class that is recognized for effectively using various ranged weapons (for example, bows and guns) as a main source of doing their DPS (Damage Per Second) against all those who stand in their way. It has been long believed that hunters are arguably one of the most effective ranged attackers in the World of Warcraft. They are extremely proficient in performing a string of ranged weapons such as bows, guns, firearms and muskets.

This hunting class is believed to be most efficient in adapting to ranged fighting style since only leather armor is available until level 40 and it has only a few me lee abilities compared to some other me lee-based classed like the roges warior and warlock. Widely recognized to be a great schemer or planner, hunters possess the amazing gift to lay intricately-made traps for enemies, using their ranged weapons to allure them into the traps. In addition to all these abilities, hunter also have skills in tracking and taming wild beasts to make them become their permanent combat pet while fighting against their adversaries.


Well known for being the protectors of the world, the Druid was awaken for the first time to face the threat of the Burning Legion during its recent invasion in the Third War after being kept in dark forests for so many years. Following the defeat of Archimonde, Druids decided to continue their stay in the waking world and aid to rebuild their ravaged lands. The Legion’s horrible assault left a nasty scar on the nature, and Druids seek all the possible ways to heal it.

Druids are a very versatile hybrid class who can perform a great deal of abilities on enemies with lots of damage. Being so closely to nature obviously enables them to shape shift into 4 different animals forms. The very first one is the Bear Form ( warior ) which can increase Armor power and damage dealt while allowing the use of various taunts as well as other melee capabilities. The second form is the Cat form (Rogue) which has Stealth and exerts Combo Points, exactly like the Rogue class.

The two last shapes comprised of Traveling Form (Cheetah) and Aquatic Form (Seal) cannot be used in combat, but will be utilized instead when traveling both on land and in water. Besides the shape shifting ability, their versatility is evident in World of Warcraft as they boast the flexibility to play any role required when in a party. They can easily be both great healers and buffers in a highly effective way due to their spell casting ability and also possess a number of offensive spells like DOT spells (Damage Over Time) and DD spells (Direct Damage) as well.


Warriors are an ever reliable and versatile fighting class, with a main focus on melee combat and the amazing ability to both deal and absorb massive amounts of damage for a group during battle. Warriors usually make up for their natural paucity of magical capabilities by possessing a wide variety of melee abilities. Because of this, warriors always rely on rage instead of mana to utilize most of their abilities in combat. Besides their extremely sublime and formidable me lee skills, Warriors are primarily a tank and DPS class, responsible for playing one of two major roles within a party.

Warriors also can perform as the tank, keeping other party members from receiving aggro, therefore minimizing the total damage that the others absorb. Also, particularly through the proper application of talent points and the suitable gear, warriors can effectively play the role of DPS dealer (Damage Per Second) by causing tremendous amounts of me lee damage in a short period of time. Another very cool feature for the warrior class is the fact that they are very highly dependent on gear for much of the time in fighting as most of their abilities to cause and take damage will be directly and totally controlled by the quality of their Armor and weapons they use.

At the same time they also own a huge collection of equipment to choose from. Warriors are also one of the very few classes in WoW who can wear all types of great Armor including plate which is the most effective and desirable one in the game. The remarkably powerful warriors also have a selection of three different combat stances consisting of Battle Stance, Defensive Stance and Berserker Stance.


In their frenzy and endless quest for always greater sources of power and domination, warlocks used to be the former mages who decided to leave behind their studies of the Arcane and turned to be preoccupied with learning darker Shadow-based magic. Warlocks still keep their excellent skills in the handling of the Fire element, even though their main focus is firmly on inflicting agonizing pain on all their foe through the effective usage of Arcane energies to proficiently get rid of all their selected targets from a secure distance.

Warlocks are very similar to hunters in that they both employ combat pets, but their ones are summoned minions instead of tamed beasts. Pets are crucial to warlocks during their battles and there are a number of different pets available for them to choose from. All of them are the Imp, the Voidwalker and the Succubus respectively. warlocks’ first pet is the Imp which acts as a ranged damage dealer and this pet is best in a group as they possess the buff spell Blood Pact too that increases your own and your group’s stamina.

The Void walker is the second pet which is the perfect unaccompanied pet because it can serve as a tank and has a lot of hit points and the Torment skill that can draw monsters’ anger, but its damage output is low. The third pet, the Succubus, is the best used in damage dealing but it has a quite low amount of hit points. Beside their pet using abilities, warlocks still have a wide range of other utility spells and abilities applied to attack a horde of enemies including “shock and horror” tactics of warfare, Shadow Energies, summoning party members, creating health stones and soul stones.


Shamans are highly considered to be one of the most well-rounded and versatile classes in the game of World of Warcraft. They can perform as a healer, warrior andmage hybrid class because they possess the special ability to easily switch from offensive-oriented magic spell caster to healer to DPS melee dealer or Tank as freely as they wish. Specially designed to improve all parts of a party, Shamans can undoubtedly be very proficient in using offensive spell casting, melee battle, or healing against their adversaries, while not being especially focused on just any one side of the game.

As a massive damage dealer, buffer and healer in one, Shamans are frequently sought-after in groups for being a secondary healer and for their own beneficial totems. The four kinds of totems comprising Earth, Fire, Air and Water are available for the melee expert to use in fighting. They can make use of all these totems at their own will, both in and outside combat, but they are limited to merely having one totem active of each type at once.

Yet another very special aspect that is really worth mentioning here is Shamans possess the Ghost Wolf and Astral Recall abilities which prove very useful to facilitate them during their travel in the vast land of Azeroth full of danger. The Ghost Wolf ability can transform or shape shift them into a Wolf, thus allowing them to run much faster, while The Astral Recall ability works so well exactly the same as the hearthstone except for the fact that it does not have a long cooldown time like the stone so it can teleport them to their home city much quicker.


Hiding in the shadows and attacking when one rarely feels it, Rogues are a very dangerous adversary for all other WOW classes as they can so easily assault their rivals from all directions without leaving any trace. And if there are problems arising, they can vanish from sight instinctively and instantly. With a wide variety of their different abilities, Rogues have no problems taking up the great roles of thieves, spies and assassins to silently attack their enemies from the darkest moment of the night.

Rogues are considered to be very proficient in dealing melee damage and incapacitating enemies, especially with a group of low health and low Armor players such as spell casters. The Rogue class is not only the supreme melee DPS dealer, but also they can gain an easy access to a wide array of special abilities, primarily depending on energy. Stealth provides them with a highly tactical superiority, enabling them to start a brutal fight in their own way. Other extra capacities consists of lock picking and the creation and usage of various kinds of poisons.

The all-dangerous and nimble Rogues generally do not rely on mana for their battle capabilities, but instead make a good use of energy and create combo points later applied to execute some great finishing moves. Like the hunter class, Rogues mostly depend on agility during battle, but also aim at using gear giving additional stamina. The most evident Achilles’ heel of this class is the fact that the remarkably cunning Rogues cannot wear shields. They can only wear leather or cloth Armor and wield a giant collection of one-handed weapons such as (daggers, swords, maces and fist weapons) and ranged weapons.


The Priest is thus far the best and most efficient healing-based class, who is considered indispensable for a strong support group. Priests are the precursor in World of Warcraft when it comes to healing and buffing. Also able to take control of hatred and crowds, resurrect dead members and buff other players, Priests are the most useful class in groups but can also be unaccompanied without any difficulty when necessary, due to their Shadow Magic Spells.

Holy Word: Shield spell is rated as one of the most useful and effective Spells that Priests possess to defeat their rivals. It can help them instantly protect a target, absorb or take X damage. The shield proves best not only on weaker members like spell casters but also on tough ones like tanks. Besides the Shield spell, a few different buffs are also crucial to them in the game. One of them is Holy Word: Fortitude which helps to increase the Stamina of the buffed member.

In addition to all the healing and protection Spells, Priests can sometimes be very aggressive as well because they have a selection of offensive damage spells such as Holy Smite, Mind Blast and Shadow Word: Pain. Other crippling spells include Mana Burn and Mind Rot (Drains ma na), while Crowd/Hatred Control abilities decrease Hatred and help them live much longer. However, the only disadvantage of this healing-based class at the moment is the fact they can only wear cloth Armor like the mage class.


As the unwaving advocates for the Holy Light and protectors of the Alliance, Paladins are very special in many ways. They are a robust, tough and mana-based caster hybrid class who concentrate on a perfect combination of defensive melee skills and healing abilities. Paladin can be both a melee fighter and secondary spell caster or healer at the same time so they have the special ability to resurrect dead members, heal injured ones and make use of different Auras and Seals.

Also Paladins can wear Plate Armor (training needed) which helps them dramatically increase their defensive ability. One of the most significant fortes of this class is, however, they can give the full support to his party members through auras, blessings, and healing even if they are not as much strong as a Rogue or Warrior when it comes to melee or as much effective as a Priest or Druid in terms of healing other people in a party. So it can be said that they are arguably the best supporting class in WoW.

Furthermore, Paladins possess several abilities in vanquishing all sworn enemies like (Exorcism, Holy Wrath and Turn undead) which make them greatly powerful. They also have umatched buff capacities. Despite wearing heavy plate Armor and carrying big shields like a warrior, they are still capable of being an efficient healers that contribute to build their famous durability in battle. With their highly flexible and versatile abilities, Paladins can take up a vast variety of major desirable roles in groups such as tanking, off tanking, healing, and melee damage dealing whenever they are called upon to fill all these roles in a party.