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World of Warcraft Still on Top

World of Warcraft isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite game, we have to admit that it has become a huge hit and is even considered as one of the most popular games on the web today. The sheer number of players of this game is overwhelming and it outshadows many other steam games out there.

The thing that is able to boost the appeal of Steam games is the presence of marketplaces around the internet. Yes, there are many marketplaces that would sell extra items and skins to players in exchange for cash. Players especially love buying new skins to customize their characters. Marketplaces would contain items and skins for different online games. It is also a great place for players to sell their old items and make some money at the side. The supporting marketplaces around the internet add to the appeal of these Steam games because it gives players the chance to personalize their gaming experience. It makes them feel more connected to their character.

Of course, there are many Steam games out there that are rapidly growing as well. League of Legends, for example, has hit a new record for number of players along with the online card game Hearthstone. However, many accounts in the game are not active subscribers. Even with its many competitors, we can see that World of Warcraft or simply WoW still stays on top of the game chain. With over 10 million active monthly subscribers all around the world, Warcraft definitely takes the biggest slice of the cake as it’s now labelled as the top massive multiplayer online game. To think those figures are from 2015! Imagine how many active monthly subscribers Warcraft has up to date.

As of today, the newest Warcraft game is “Warlords of Draenor” and it is gathering more and more subscribers every day. The game allows players to turn their characters into different races while they have to start out first as human. This installment also introduces players to the whole new level cap of 100 meaning your characters can reach level 100 and learn new abilities. People who don`t like to spend time on leveling can use wow boost service and check update as soon as possible. Aside from customizing your own character, you can also customize your own garrison. You can build your army and mold it just the way you want. This and a lot of other features of the game add to the overall appeal of WoW.

World of Warcraft has already established a name in the world of multiplayer online gaming. With its legion of fans awaiting new games from the franchise, people will not expect the number of players to go down anytime soon. It may even be growing. This is no surprise, of course. The best thing about it all is that the game is enjoyed and will be enjoyed by many.

World of Warcraft: Ultimate Movie Edition bundle

Warcraft MovieWarcraft is an online-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game (shortly known as MMORPG) created by Blizzard. Out of five cores, the fourth one has been considered as the most sell-able due to its newly installed program that allows player to interact with other real-time players online.

Based on the statistics starting from year 2005, the game reached its peak of popularity in the second half of 2010, reaching an estimation of 12 million subscribers.

Just like other games, Warcraft has also reached its declining phase, probably causing a panic to the team behind the game. Assuming they don’t want to eradicate this franchise’s existence, Blizzard thought of resorting to other media platforms that can boost the game’s name back to its limelight.

They took the risk of creating a movie out of the game in the hope of hitting the sales big time, just like how they were able to insert the game into the top spot. Guess we will just have to wait and see whether the risk is all worth it or not.

Rumor has it that Blizzard is giving away game bundles to those who will be purchasing movie tickets for their upcoming Warcraft movie. This could be their way of saying “thank you” to their fans or possibly a scheme to increase the sales of their beloved game, given that they lost an intensely huge sum of subscribers over the years.

The bundle includes all expansion packs, except World of Warcraft: Legion, one full month of free playing, and an exclusive in-game item. This is fairly a good deal for possible newbies and loyal fans, as buying a single pack costs much than having all expansions at once.

Truth be told, Blizzard doesn’t have to merely focus on this franchise since they have also made such huge amount of money from their other masterpieces like Starcraft and Call of Duty.

However, if Blizzard decides to continue with the bundle and given the movie becomes the next “Star Wars” or “Star Trek”, all their efforts in making the movie and giving incentives won’t be put to waste.

With proper management and advertisement, Warcraft might actually re-appear on the list as one of the most famous names of all time. Well, let us really hope that while the movie becomes a big hit, they will also focus in adding more challenging features to the game.

World of Warcraft Cities as Real-World Street Names in Canada

Silvermoon-930x476Some sort of fairly impossible imagination about going to one of the places in the World of Warcraft almost constantly comes to my mind. Silvermmon, Ashenvale, and Stormwind are only a few of the many places in the WoW I badly want to include on my bucket list. It’s silly, I know. But hey! Some people actually brought my imagination to reality! It turns out I’m not the only one who’s got such silly imagination.

In Canada, a new subdivision was built with rather weird (for non-WoW players) yet cool street names. The street names are Stormwind, Ashenvale, Silvermoon, Winterspring, and Raven’s Wood, which are all from the World of Warcraft. Some may think it’s just a kind of coincidence or something, but come on. There are five WoW places together in one place! That’s no coincidence!

Venturebeat, the company owner of the subdivision, seems to have hired developers who happen to be avid fans of World of Warcraft. The coolest plot twist would be the owner himself is a hardcore WoW player and fan! Now that says it all.

This just goes to show how popular Wolrd of Warcraft has become around the entire globe. Now, it is not just a kind of a pastime game people play every single day. It has now become a street you can take a stroll on when you’re having a bad day. If you’re in Canada, that is.

Major Changes to World of Warcraft’s PVP System

What once was just a tease now becomes a drastic reality. Blizzard just made changes in the World of Craft Legion’s player-versus-player system, a troublesome change for most players. Although changes are said to bring improvements, most of the game’s loyal fans insist it’s a bad idea.

Blizzard shares a long list of specific details about the changes, but the overview simply falls on the focus of the player skill instead of the gear.

According to reports, Honor and Conquest won’t be used as currencies anymore. In buying gear from vendors, Honor Points are used instead. These points are earned in every battleground as a reward in the forms of Artifact Power, Gold, and a fresh set of PVP-only Honor Talents. Honor Points fill up the Honor Level, advancing you up to level 50.

In playing the Legion, your gear stats will automatically be nullified the moment you enter the zone of PVP. Instead of using your own gear stats, you will have to use the given pre-decided set of special stats. These new set of stats are uniquely configured according to your skill specialization.

Player-versus-player seasons will also be shorter. This is quite good news, as more seasons will mean more rewards. However, PVP awards at the end of every season will no longer be distributed as an overall player base of faction. Awards are given according to the percentage rank of each player in the faction, which, on the other hand, is a pretty bad news.

Sure enough, these changes have brought confusions and a little bit of trouble for many players, but changes are always for the better. This only means one good thing – another set of exacting challenges wait to excite the inner player monster within you in every WoW battleground.

World of Warcraft to Get Gnome Hunters, Mechanical Pets

Blizzard’s World of Warcraft is still a big player in the gaming industry. But there’s a big question that is bugging lots of fans and players of the quirky and fascinating race of Gnomes in this increasingly popular game: Why can’t the Gnomes play as Hunters?

True, there are perhaps other bigger things that the developers of Blizzard might be doing, and maybe there can be other more significant queries in the gaming sphere as well—such as “When will we get the remake of the sought-after Final Fantasy VII,” which already received an answer last June. But still, the idea that Gnomes are not able to shoot rifles, run around, and tame pets is a rather controversial one for WoW gamers.

The good news to all WoW fanatics is that Blizzard has seemingly heard all of your pleas. This is probably because the game’s subscription range has recently hit a 9-year low last August. They’ve lost roughly 1.5 million of gamers in the 2nd fiscal quarter of the company. Or perhaps Blizzard is somehow trying to establish the momentum for the game’s 6th major expansion this 2016—Legion.

Gnome Hunters will be up officially when Legion enters. While they’re a race which does not seem to be totally rooted in nature, with their inclination in building their very own equipment-filled sections, they are really good in creating those sorts of quirky yet advanced weapons.

According to Blizzard’s recent announcement, this whole new addition to the game is nearly ready to be released. The creative and skilled gnomes are about to start breaking out and beating the scene. Their cool and impressive knack for highly advanced weaponry such as highly powered rifles, rocket launchers, and death rays enable them to become the perfect means of hunting preys down.

Hunters, as you may have known, can tame animals in the game and can use these newly found pets to join their arsenal of offensive abilities. Gnomes are intended to play along with a whole new pet family which Blizzard is already planning to incorporate to the scene: Mechanical pets.

According to Blizzard, most of the mechanical pets are challenging to tame since it initially requires you to locate them and use your hunter capabilities in a highly unusual way. As usual, they won’t make things easy for players as it could defeat the purpose of hard-core, challenge-filled gaming. As for the mechanical pets, a rare mechanostrider would need you to make a special punch card which lets you access a closed part of Gnomeregan. Once you get successful in locating the clockwork creature, you will need to learn overloading its circuits. You have to solve the challenging puzzle, and if you become successful in figuring it out, you can finally have this awesome mechanized minion walking with you all the way.

Many gamers are starting to feel the excitement of this whole new advancement in the game. Those who have always looked forward to more powerful gnomes are bound to get back to the game, and beat it with a much higher propensity.

Wrath Of The Lich King Release

WoW wrath of the lich king guide convinces us that Lich king is hurt, he will leave no stone unturned to gut Azeroth completely, and the work at hand with you is to save him from such destruction.

You simply have to end the terrifying monarchical reign of the king. Lich king Arthas will never let a single creature breathe in Azeroth which means a complete doom for this huge territory. The undead legions of scourge are putting themselves up for something really ghastly. They are joining forces to breathe fire and calamity. Will you not come to the rescue? Just take up your weapons and strike the hardest on the kingdom of doom. Read the World of Warcraft WotLK game guide and you will love what’s going to unfurl.

WoW awaits the second expansion. After the Burning crusade expansion it is time for the Northrend expansion. This will also bring you the much coveted Heroes Class. The death knights will swarm the whole place and so will the bard`s. The death knights are coming armed with the powers of necromancy. The starter has a level 55 character.

You can push into the level 80 clearing dungeons and chains. Such prison chambers can be cleaned up only with the aid of best weapons in business. With each progressive step, your potential will keep increasing. So what are you waiting for? Run through the prison of Dalaran, Intrude Wrath gate in a big way and also go on a complete offensive at the Wintersgrasp

Two new arenas await you. The Orgrimmar and the Dalaran are also a part of the second level expansion. Just manage to pass through them and then there are siege weapons, destructible building and plenty of new monsters to take care of. The Nerubian Vizier, plague eruptor and Shovel tusk are just waiting in the balance to attack you the moment they find some chance. Wrath of the lich king guide is waiting to be discovered.

Wotlk Guide Preview

With the launch of the Lich King expansion, WoW fans are looking for guides and resources which would help to expedite their leveling process to level cap. Already there are both class specific and strategy guides around for the WoW Death Knight class and content focus on the expansion itself. Several weeks before the release, the game guide publisher. Many WoW players have already begin to pre-oder their complete WoW Death Knight e-book and WoW WotLK guide.